I am an Assistant Professor of Management at the University of Central Florida. My research is primarily focused in entrepreneurship and strategic managment with a special emphasis on the involvement of social and other non-economic phenomena in organizational settings (e.g., crowdfunding, social entrepreneurship, family business). In the fall I teach the undergraduate capstone strategy class. In the spring I teach courses on business plan preparation.

      I hold a PhD in Management from the University of Oklahoma where I emphasized strategy and entrepreneurship. My dissertation looked at crowdfunding from a social movement perspective and was titled: "The Rhetoric of Crowdfunding: A Social Movement Framing Perspective". I received my BSBA from the University of Arizona in Entrepreneurship, Operations Management, and Management Information Systems.

      Before my academic career I was a consultant at IBM Global Business services where I worked in both the strategy and change as well as supply chain management practices. During my tenure at IBM, I engaged with clients in the IT, automotive, pharmaceutical and industrial products industries.

      Outside of academia, I am a music and travel enthusiast. I play the piano and guitar for fun (read: poorly) and enjoy most genres of music (especially live). Before becoming a student, I tried to travel outside of the United States once every year. Perhaps my favorite trip was to Greece where a friend and I drove around for over a week visiting ruins from all over the mainland. I highly recommend visiting, and when you do, make sure to stop by Meteora and Delphi, the sights are amazing.

      I hope you enjoy my website. Please feel free to contact me by clicking on the appropriate link on the left.

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